Calum Scott Speaks to Zweli and Mantsoe on the #CokeTop40JHB

The #CokeTop40JHB team had a chat with the amazing singer and songwriter Calum Scott Mr 'YOU ARE THE REASON' and how he's such a big deal down here in South Africa. Mantsoe and Zweli had a fun and insightful chat with him about how South Africans completely love his music. Calum Scott was sadly not in studio with the team but If you've always wanted to hear Calum Scott speak, well this is your chance. We got him on the phone all the way from Great Britain; and he's such a humble, funny and honest man. Listen here for part one of the interview with Zweli and Mantsoe:

The song is on number #13 on the #CokeTop40JHB basically in the top 20 climbing up every week. They had a chat about the song YOU ARE THE REASON and its feedback on how it's doing on the #CokeTop40JHB chart. Mantsoe tried to speak British and well we think she was spot on. If you think Mantsoe's British accent makes your life then 947 loves you. Listen here for part two of the interview:

Here is the music video just for you. If you love Calum Scott 947 loves you. Don't miss the #CokeTop40JHB every Saturday from 10:00-14:00. Do hashtag #CokeTop40JHB to get in touch with the team or comment below, let us know what you think.

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