CokeTop40JHB: Battle of the stiffest

If you missed the Coke Top 40 JHB then you missed out on the new single by Heavy K ft Bucie & Nokwazi INDE and the all so amazing Vosho challenge that took place in studio. Heavy K done did it again and produced a new local banger which debuted at #24 on the #CokeTop40JHB chart. The single INDE is on iTunes and the music video is already out and we can't wait to show it to you. Watch the Vosho challenge and the poll results:

The poll results can only tell us who is the reigning Queen or King of the #CokeTop40JHB Vosho challenge:

Zweli is the reigning King of the Vosho #CokeTop40JHB challenge with our debut song by Heavy K INDE. We promised you the new music video hope you enjoy it. If you love the #CokeTop40JHB 947 loves you.

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