A year later, Shekhinah’s ‘Rose Gold’ still makes waves

Sunday, 8 Oct 2018 marked the 1 year anniversary of Shekhinah’s debut album ‘Rose Gold’.

With the most nominations at this year’s South African Music Awards, it was clear that the record has been a success – not to mention the fact that Shekhinah was announced as the most streamed artist in South Africa by Spotify.

In the year since its release, ‘Rose Gold’ has gone platinum.

The album features former no.1 on the #CokeTop40CT, ‘Suited’ which has gone diamond, ‘Please Mr’ which has gone gold, and ‘Different’, which for the past 2 weeks (8 + 13 Oct 2018) has been creeping up on the no.1 spot on the Coca-Cola Top40SA with Carl Wastie, charting in at no.2.

Only time will tell if the latest single, which features Mariechan (of Jamali fame) will rise to the occasion. Either way, we’re super proud of this South African powerhouse of a musician!