George Ezra to go Down Under

George Ezra’s announced he’s touring Australia and New Zealand early next year. Carl Wastie wants to see if we can get him to make a detour past Cape Town on his way home!

George Ezra’s announced that he’ll be performing in Australia and New Zealand at the beginning of the next year…

The singer, who’s smash hit ‘Shotgun’ has been on the Coca-Cola Top40SA for 13 weeks, is a former number, and this past weekend (13 Oct 2018) charted at no.10, has expressed a lot of excitement for his upcoming tour.

During the chart on Saturday, host, Carl Wastie suggested we all tweet that we want him to make one more stop while he’s in the Southern Hemisphere – here in Cape Town!

Think it’s a good idea? Join the campaign! And remember to tag the chart show, with #CokeTop40CT